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We exist to provide world-class customer-centric graphic design help. Saving you time, money, and frustration on your everyday graphic design needs is what drives us every day.

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Company information

Founded by - Ka Kei Ho

Year founded - 2014

Located in - Hong Kong

Company size - 11-50



In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and content creation, graphic design services are more critical than ever. Kapa99 emerges as a promising solution for businesses and individuals seeking quality designs without the hefty price tag of full-time professionals. This review synthesizes insights from multiple perspectives, providing a holistic view of what Kapa99 offers, its strengths, potential weaknesses, and ultimately, its value proposition.

Kapa99 at a Glance

Kapa99 offers a flat-rate, unlimited graphic design service starting at $399 per month. With a promise of a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers, Kapa99 positions itself as a risk-free option for those looking to outsource their graphic design needs. The service caters to a broad audience, including marketers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and bloggers, who need a steady flow of graphic design work ranging from logos to infographics.

Kapa99 Service Model and Workflow

Kapa99's operational model is built around simplicity and efficiency. Clients submit design briefs via email or Trello, which are then assigned to a team of graphic design professionals. This team comprises two project managers, two art directors, one customer success manager, and one supervisor, ensuring that each project receives the attention it deserves. The standard turnaround time is 24-48 hours, with a quicker option available for those on the Business Express plan.

Unique Selling Points

  • Versatility: Kapa99 handles a wide array of design projects, offering great flexibility to clients with diverse needs.
  • Team Approach: The provision of a dedicated team, including project managers and art directors, ensures quality control and personalized attention to each project.
  • Efficiency: With a turnaround time as quick as 12-24 hours for the Business Express plan, Kapa99 is well-suited for time-sensitive projects.
  • Risk-Free Trials: The 15-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee offer peace of mind and a risk-free way to evaluate the service.

Pros and Cons of Kapa99


  • Same-Day Turnaround: Early requests can lead to same-day completion, thanks to time zone overlaps.
  • High Design Output: Especially beneficial for clients with frequent, simple design needs.
  • Comprehensive Onboarding: Virtual meetings and Trello walkthroughs simplify the onboarding process.
  • Source File Provision: Upon request, Kapa99 provides source files, enhancing the utility of completed designs.


  • Exclusion of Web Design: Web design services are notably absent from the standard plan.
  • Iteration Frequency: Some projects may require more iterations to perfect, although this is somewhat mitigated by the high output rate.
  • Trello Learning Curve: New users might find navigating past versions on Trello challenging.

Further Considerations

  • Portfolio Quality: Kapa99's portfolio showcases its capability to handle various design types, but potential clients should review examples to gauge alignment with their aesthetic preferences.
  • Communication: The efficiency of interaction between clients and the Kapa99 team is crucial. Prompt and clear communication can significantly enhance the service experience.

Conclusion: Is Kapa99 Right for You?

Kapa99 offers a compelling value proposition for businesses and individuals in need of regular graphic design work. Its strengths lie in its efficient turnaround, risk-free trial periods, and the dedicated team approach. However, potential users should consider the service's scope, particularly the exclusion of web design, and prepare for a learning curve with Trello.

For those requiring frequent, varied graphic designs and valuing the flexibility of unlimited revisions, Kapa99 represents a robust solution. It’s advisable to leverage the free trial to assess compatibility with your specific needs and workflow. Ultimately, the effectiveness of Kapa99 will depend on your unique requirements, making it a valuable option for many but not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Pricing tiers

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$349 First two months then $499

Ideal for agencies and local businesses

Unlimited graphic design requests in all our supported categories.

  • 24-48 hours delivery time
  • Unlimited active tasks
  • Unlimited custom graphic design
  • Unlimited illustrations
  • Unlimited logo design
  • Unlimited presentation design
  • Unlimited GIFs
  • Native Adobe source files
  • Canva file delivery
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited brands
Business Express

Business Express

$849 First two months then $999

Ideal for agencies and business owners that need their graphics the next day.

Unlimited graphic design requests in all our supported categories

  • 12-24 hours delivery time
  • Unlimited active tasks
  • Unlimited custom graphic design
  • Unlimited illustrations
  • Unlimited logo design
  • Unlimited presentation design
  • Unlimited GIFs
  • Native Adobe source files
  • Canva file delivery
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited brands

Samples & Client Work


Is it unlimited?

At Kapa99 we offer unlimited revisions and requests for one flat-rate every month.

Limiting our service would have been the easy way out.

However, easy is not something that we’re after, to align our service with our mission, we’re going above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our customers, and offering unlimited requests and revisions is the obvious solution.

To answer the question: yes, our service is unlimited. You can request as many tasks you might have and as many revisions as you might need.

How do we handle your tasks?

First-come, first-served. We create a queue of your tasks, the first tasks that come in are the tasks that we’ll deliver first.

Usually, we process 2 – 4 tasks per day, depending on how time intensive they’re.

We want to help you meet deadlines whenever possible, if something is time-sensitive let us know, we’ll do our best to accommodate your urgency

I need a change in my design

We allow for as many changes and revisions as you might have for your design.

Can I resell any work Kapa99 does for me?

Yes, you can. You own and control the Intellectual Property, you might use it or sell it, anyway at any price you want.

Where are your designers located?

All of our designers are exclusive and only work with Kapa99. They’re located worldwide and our team is remote.

80% of our designers work in EST times, however, our support team is available 24/7.

Can I submit more than 1 request at a time?

Yes, you can submit as many requests as you might have. We’ll queue them for you and work on them following our first come first served policy.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, we don’t require any contracts, you can use our service month by month.

What is the typical turnaround time?

24 hours to 48 hours for most tasks.

If your project is bigger like a magazine layout or a power point presentation with a lot of slides let us know and we’ll give you an estimate on how long it should take.

I’m in a rush! Can I get my design faster?

Yes, you can. Communicate with us as soon as possible and be very clear about what it is that you need and when. We’ll try to meet your deadline.

How long will it take to complete my revision?

It usually takes 12 to 48 hours.